200IQ vs 10IQ Minecraft Plays #7

30 აპრ 2021-ში
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This is a series called 200 iq vs 10 iq minecraft plays! In this video, there's a really smart minecraft play followed by a really dumb minecraft play right after. In this video, dream's crazy boat clutch is featured and it's actually kinda crazy. People did some insane bedwars clutches and then people accidently crafted too many of an items and wasted a ton of materials and were really upset. Watch the whole video!!!
▼ Players featured in this episode, thanks everyone!:
(In order of appearance)
Chiichote www.twitch.tv/chiichote
Ejdre www.twitch.tv/ejdre
ElumaChan www.twitch.tv/elumachan
Crayator www.twitch.tv/crayator
GeorgeNotFound www.twitch.tv/georgenotfound
IntelEdits www.twitch.tv/inteledits
Wichtiger www.twitch.tv/wichtiger
kinzixx www.twitch.tv/kinzixx
JackManifoldTV www.twitch.tv/jackmanifoldtv
Joe_Bartolozzi www.twitch.tv/joe_bartolozzi
SammyGreen www.twitch.tv/sammygreen
lukeafkfan www.twitch.tv/lukeafkfan
Dogcatwhat1 www.twitch.tv/dogcatwhat1
xQcOW www.twitch.tv/xqcow
Mathox www.twitch.tv/mathox
Adal (think the account has been deleted) www.twitch.tv/adal
Blushi www.twitch.tv/blushi
GirlOnMars_ www.twitch.tv/girlonmars_
hannahxxrose www.twitch.tv/hannahxxrose
Knadez www.twitch.tv/knadez
MrJagsterS www.twitch.tv/mrjagsters
d4ndy (nothing on profile, but should be him) www.twitch.tv/d4ndy
PonK www.twitch.tv/ponk
Dylqnnnn www.twitch.tv/dylqnnnn
ignChucky www.twitch.tv/ignchucky
Nikolian www.twitch.tv/nikolian
tommyinnit www.twitch.tv/tommyinnit
ayeezuh www.twitch.tv/ayeezuh
FlyGuyAJ_ www.twitch.tv/flyguyaj_
cypitheo www.twitch.tv/cypitheo
juanmaparadiso www.twitch.tv/juanmaparadiso
Manhal_IQ_ www.twitch.tv/manhal_iq_
Nardc0 www.twitch.tv/nardc0
Wallibear www.twitch.tv/wallibear
ShadowBeatz www.twitch.tv/shadowbeatz
TheeSizzler www.twitch.tv/theesizzler
Taneesha www.twitch.tv/taneesha
SKpower1120 www.twitch.tv/skpower1120
SirGibsy www.twitch.tv/sirgibsy
Dream www.twitch.tv/dream
GeorgeNotFound www.twitch.tv/georgenotfound
Sniperifle11 www.twitch.tv/sniperifle11
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  • It’s funny how many of these I watched live lol

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  • 1:21 he didnt hit the shot u can clearly see that an arrow landed on the obbi and whos is that?

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  • 1:17 it sounds like there are 2 Gorges in the clip 😂

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  • 0:00 czy tylko mi on wygląda podobnie do Maty

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  • and i like when he is droping a bread not gold XD 2:53

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    jack the cool kidjack the cool kidდღის წინ
  • or redstone fails

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    YUSUF GG'erYUSUF GG'erდღის წინ
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  • 2:55 when ur wheel is broken

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  • 4:38 shader name plz

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  • The last thing you hear "donkey!" Cracked me up.

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  • 6:00 Best Mlg Ever

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  • God is good

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  • 7:55 ‘just a way point for me’

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  • 6:07 all epic moment

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  • AwaaAaaaAAaaaaaaaAaaAAAaaAAAAAAAAAAAaassssssssssssssszsssszszzsszsedddrddddffftyywaawwaawwawwiiijiiiiiiiiiijjijijijiijiijijijjijiiijijihihijiijjijijjijijijiijijijijijiiiijijijijjjijijiiijiijiJjiijiiiijjiiiiijiii

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  • 6:03 that's was amazing

  • POV: 00:47 that's you when you just saved your hardcore world?

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  • 1:49 what is the pack? Is anyone knows?

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  • Lol in the gorge clip u can see when he misy

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  • Watching these vids makes me lose braincells

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  • Yes 6:00

    thomas malenfantthomas malenfant7 დღის წინ
  • 4:04 he was in hardcore he lost everything not just his items

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  • 2:33 its that one guy from tiktok

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  • the horn over gorges scream is so loud rip headphone users with max volume

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  • Even Logan commented

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  • 3:27 how can she attack with the sword facing down?

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  • 2:59 Plot Twist: he had a cursed texture pack that made bread switch gold ingot and he forgot that he removed it..

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  • I am com Brasil:)

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  • Bay city rollers and the phone to call me on this device you hafner you have received this message is ready to go to call the phone to discuss your campaign you ❤️✊🇺🇦

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  • when ur redstone comits suicide

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  • This is the first time i saw xQcOW not rage.. what a legend!

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  • 5:17 LOOK AT MJ OWNS U

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  • This tricks not my computer My 1.16.5

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  • the first 10 iq player:i always survive the nether *dies* *screams*

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  • I do 1 v 5 in skywars

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  • 06:02 Dream pulled out the best Pro Gamer Move ever

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  • 3:04 xQcOW tganks for finally not raging

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  • @dream 🥰

  • PLEASE I'm so happy kinzi is in!

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