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0:50 Drawing with kids
2:50 How to draw flowers with a child
4:33 DIY Light tablet for drawing
5:33 How to draw a portrait of a girl
7:30 How to draw cat eyes
9:03 Drawing with a sponge
11:11 Drawing with pastels
13:30 Drawing with dots
14:20 How to make a masterpiece with acrylic paints
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  • I like the old voice over wayyy better

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  • Good on everyone. You are always aware of the situation in Armenia. 🤦‍♀️😔😑 Azerbaijan has attacked Artsakh. Please help us to recognize the independence of Artsakh. " "Our soldiers are dying. Those scum are firing on the civilian population." I just entered the weather of Artsakh, I saw that it was written's (Artsakh belongs to Azerbaijan). We need you now. 🙏 Help us 🙏🙏😔

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    • Помоему это вы напали на Азербайджан. И вообще, зачем сюда приплетать политику?)

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  • I cannot image that LOL wish hear your guys in real life. Anyone agrees with me ?

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    • @Ekran Hossain🥳

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  • RANDOM FACT: Aaron Carpenter got verified on Instagram on 29th April 2015. 😎

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  • 1:57 I think she is very poor to afford a pencil cutter

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  • To the person reading this, You’re worth it . It was not your fault. You did the right thing.Don’t beat yourself up about it. Your amazing 🦋🦋

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    • From justice

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    • I don't know

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    • @Sheena .C. i tought i was the only one lol

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