Brawl Stars Tik Tok Montage #14

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  • 4:50.. WHY DYNAMIKE wait.. WHAT

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  • 0:11 music?

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  • Oomg I have BELLE ONG

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  • 5:33 If Molang in Brawl Stars... Just kidding, it's just music Intro of Molang

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  • 0:25 If 8-BIT have animated pins...

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  • 5:33 все олды пролили скупую слезу😩 Кто сдесь русский?

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  • Is this really happening..?reference Molang

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  • El pepe is a dissing from italian

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  • 0:18 song's name pls

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  • what the name of the song at 5:34

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  • 8:00 thats alot of damage

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