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Chicken Girls is a hit series about teen drama we cannot have enough of. The truth is that the cast lives are not less exciting! Today we spill all the tea, so buckle up and watch what the Chicken girls cast is actually going through IRL. How did Kheris Rogers get through a tough patch to self-acceptance? Is Jules LeBlanc done with boys after her last boyfriend broke her heart twice? And what relationship advice can Coco Quinn give after dating Gavin Magnus? Watch the video to find out!
Chicken girls season 7 brought new characters to the forefront. We saw Annie Leblanc and Hayley Leblanc switch their roles. The Leblanc family totally took over Brat TV. Meanwhile, Annie Leblanc Chicken Girls star no longer goes by her nickname ‘’Jules’’.The actress is now using her original name and that’s not the only change in her life. The Chicken Girls season 6 lead is now single! The days when Annie Leblanc and Asher Angel were posting lovey-dovey selfies are over. So is there a new beau? Keep watching to find out more about Annie Chicken Girls actress.
Hayley Leblanc interview revealed that the star is all about her new music band. Hayley Leblanc Chicken Girls lead is rocking her new foray as a member of the Run The World group now. Meanwhile, Chicken Girls Coco Quinn regales her fans with Gavin and Coco relationship advice. These two are way too cute!
The Chicken Girls new season airs in 2021 already and we cannot wait for the Chicken Girls trailer release. If you are still wondering what the cast does in real life - check out our video to find out Chicken Girls cast real age and their secret lifestyles! Comment below what you expect from Chicken Girls season 8, like the video if you enjoyed it, and subscribe for more relatable content! As always, thanks for watching!
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