Dream VS Technoblade (Minecraft Championship)

14 ივნ 2020-ში
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Dream VS Technoblade.... these are highlights from Minecraft Championship including Dream and Technoblade's perspective. A mighty battle...
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This event was SO much fun! This was my first live stream on GEworld in a very long time and it was a lot of fun! Technoblade is an awesome guy and it was a lot of fun to have a little "rivalry". I'm sure he'll bounce back and embarrass me at some point. Overall the best Minecraft event I've played in and incredibly well hosted. Thanks to everyone who came and supported me!
Technoblade: @Technoblade
George: @GeorgeNotFound
Mefs: @Mefs
Eret: geworld.info
Thumbnail Art: Twitter @datedliquid
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  • This tournament was a lot of fun! Technoblade is an amazing player and can definitely come back and totally embarrass me in the future, but not for today! I'm looking forward to doing a collab with techno and I won't be surprised if he totally wrecks my day. This tournament went in my favor and I had a lot of fun (even though our team didn't win). Hopefully we'll do well in future tournaments too!

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    • I love you dream

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    • Dream is da best then that pig

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  • 6. Platz einfach Kevin und basti noice

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  • The master plan lol

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  • Its just the best thing,drink tea and watch how your faovourite streamers/youtubers fight in minecraft championship😌

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  • "I'm so good at melee" *Technoblade's last words before dying in melee combat*

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  • That was boring

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    • facts

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  • Le me in

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  • He is trying to take you down

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  • This is not good

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  • 20:05 was I the only one who recollected "Ireland wins, but Snitch is caught by Victor Kram"???

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  • Little did they know... they were going to become very close friends

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  • What the ip?

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  • am a super ginius 8D

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  • I know this doesn’t make sense but U SAW JOJOS JUICE in ollies

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  • Wow

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  • dream is the best tecnoblade sucks.............

    • get over it

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    • Stan lol

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  • We beat the pig

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  • I'm still curious about Sapnap

  • Hi dream

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  • Lizzie and her husband hang out Dream team : *So you have chosen death*

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  • Lo

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  • Kill dream Night

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  • Dream you game over

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  • Was that False symmetry....... did dream just kill false symmetry I don’t know how to feel about that I really like false

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  • who else saw tommy at the beginning lol

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  • how do you say bro i'm a big fan of dream maa i don't know qm and this other

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  • Dream never die

  • awsome video

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  • Türk yorumu varmı diye bakan kardeşim hoşgeldin

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  • 14:35 whats the background song called?

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  • colorblind biased

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  • (:

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  • Poor Pig

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  • Dream: *plays manhunt music* Everyone else: chuckles *I'm in danger*

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  • Dream, what is the texture of the MC Champoinship called ????

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  • This looks so fun I kinda want to do it with my friends

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  • His hand was shaking and that looked like he is using aimbot

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  • Wow some players is better than dream because Dream is 3rd I those 2nd a 1st r a parkour God Of course dream is also too But he keeps saying he's terrible

  • Bedlessnoob at 3:28 - Godbridge my way to victory Crinek and doogile at 3:45 - telly bridge my way to victory

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  • Do it again please do a remach

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  • Hi dream Im still gonna support your channel

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  • I don’t care what anyone says dream is the best Minecraft play in the world

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    • Little bit better

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  • very cool video

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  • Un latino xd ???

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  • The battle king of pig vs master speedruner

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  • I keep seeing wilbur soot in the comments😂

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  • Me: THiS iS LiKe PiG vS. DrUM

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  • bruh techo is cringe af

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  • 0:56 The guy on the left was GeorgeNotFound .

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  • facts:hate the bacon in minecraft love the real bacon in real life

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  • grande kalimba

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  • Every '**Fan**' of dream knows that 20:21 this is DREAM'S TONE

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  • Every '**Fan**' of dream knows that 20:21 this is DREAM'S TONE

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  • 9:30 they're litterly gang jumping him lol

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  • You lose dream HA !

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  • what the code this map?

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  • Oooooooooo

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  • what is the name of the texture pack?

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  • Dream you gave him what he want and btw you lose Mrbeast 100k dollars 1v1 againt a beacon/pig you are a nerd

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  • I love your videos dream!

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    • His videos are really good

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  • 30:38 Poor George he is color blind and now he can't see

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  • 28:22 Dream you're from your mom

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  • Anyone Know the Intro Song?

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  • God Dream

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  • Dream you are deter

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  • i felt so bad for lizzie

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  • 4:52 dont make fun off joel :cc

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  • Hope you win next time

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  • Who else saw itsfundy

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  • dream face reavel

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  • Those sounds that start sound lyk in gta san andreas

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  • 1 + 1 = 2 (i know im smart)

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  • He did it. He trained. He beat dream. Madlad

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  • Sub to krimgamin

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  • Like me or die .

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    • I better die

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  • Dream is better then tecno and mr beast

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    • Found the stan

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    • what?

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  • Dream:Smooth as butterr, Noooooooo 😅

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  • Por qué te dejaste ganar al final dream? Se nota que al final te dejaste ganar lo hubieras podido matar pero no lo hiciste te pagaron?

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  • or you ok teckno

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  • Nice

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  • Didn't George got upset on 25:52?

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