Fire, Water, Earth and Air | Four Elements at monster school! funny moments by La La Life Emoji

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What if four element girls fall in love with one and the same guy...Is it gonna be a funny challenge? Or maybe they aren’t gonna be friends anymore... let’s find it out in our new video! 🔥💦🍀💨
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00:00 Party time!
00:59 Earth's morning
01:28 Fire's morning
02:20 Water's morning
02:50 Air's morning
03:25 Who knows the answer?
04:12 Test day
04:51 Change your look
05:10 Homework
05:57 Hey there!
06:30 Training day!
07:12 Mermaid's training
07:55 Lunchtime
08:47 NO PARTIES!!!
09:29 Phone
09:58 Ask him!
11:05 New crush
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