Funny Job Fails and Awkward Moments at Work! From Broke to Rich Student - by La La Life Music

18 თებ 2021-ში
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Everyone needs some quick cash, but expectations are always out of line with reality... So hard to be a BROKE student when you want to be RICH.
Ooops! 💥 Alice accidentally destroys everyone’s phones in class 🤦‍♀️ Now she has to buy new ones! But how can a broke student make so much money in 24 Hours? NOT EASY!
Crazy 💰Money Challenge💰 upcoming! Stay turned to the NEW EPISODE of La La Life Musical!
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00:00​​ School fail
00:34 Easy way to get money
01:30 How to get a JOB
01:56 First Job for a Student
02:17​ Delivery
02:40​ Hairdresser
03:20 ​Witch's help
04:00 ​Lies Revealed
04:27 ​​My first salary
04:44​ Ooops, I’m sorry, MOM!
05:12 ​​Rich girl problems
05:46​ I can do better!
06:05​ This is trash
06:39​ Dog walker
07:30 Toss a coin
08:11 Buying phones for everyone
09:00 Wrong choice
09:32 Fake idol
10:08 Poor student rescue
10:46 Rich student comeback

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