HOW TO SNEAK FOOD INTO HOSPITAL || Funny Food Sneaking Ideas by 123 GO! SCHOOL

29 იან 2021-ში
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You know the rules. No junk food allowed into a hospital!
So it's time to sneak these snacks!
Tell us in the comments which of these tricks you’d try!
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  • I used these hacks at the hospital and it worked

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  • Two things wrong with this- when did hospitals not allow food? Do they want their patients to *STARVE TO DEATH* ?!? Also they need masks no wonder covids spreading. Guess this comment is just making fun of these things but also- Girl: *Push the poor person off* hElL bE fiNe. Dude what the heck if that was real he wouldn’t be fine!!! Also I would do NONE of these- these are just stupid “LiFe HaCkS”

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  • I dislike do you have video right now because eating not healthy food doesn’t make anyone better they just make you sick

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  • Ah yes, cut your mask, risk other’s lives to eat snacks. Also this is an overall bad video, not because of the cringe but most hospitals don’t let patients eat or drink because of a legitimate reason. Some medical tests require no consumption before, and if the patients doctor specifically said not to eat anything, then just don’t...

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