I Made a FULL NETHERITE BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore

22 ოქტ 2020-ში
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I made a FULL NETHERITE BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore! One of the hardest challenges you could ever do in minecraft, making a beacon out of netherite! How much ancient debris do you need for a netherite beacon? 5,904. This number may seem large but it's much larger than you could even imagine. Making a full netherite beacon took me 200 hours of playing minecraft and is a project I started 6 months ago!
I made this netherite beacon legit in survival, 100% legit, no cheating and ALL ON MY OWN! and this makes me one of the first people in the world to complete the full netherite beacon advancement!
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  • Hi, this video took me so long to make so to anyone that watches it all the way through, likes & comments, thank you so much! Help this video crack the Algorithm!

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    • Bro u said u need 6k and now I only have 5.09k

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  • Fake I have proof

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  • here is what you call a minecraft god

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  • this motivates me.. to not do this project ever

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  • His math is insane

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  • So you are the first person to do this so this is a world record

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  • Fun fact : the whole 6 months are covered in only 25 minutes.. Worth it wadzee

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  • What im curious about. What is the actual purpose of having this beacon pedestal?

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  • se copio de farfadox.

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  • It made u 4 mill views hope it was worth the achievement 👌

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  • What is the music at 11:21? I've heard it so much but never known what it's called

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  • He finds more ancient debre than I find coal

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  • After I get 1 shulker box of netherite: "So should I make 20,000 netherite hoes or 20,000 pickaxes?" 20,000 netherite hoes later

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  • If any of you are wondering, the song at 12:50 is called Slynk - Twelve Speed

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  • i think beds was gonna be easier then tnt 😅

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  • Farfadox made the same

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  • *gets killed by a zombie well placing making the Beacon*

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  • WadZee is a crazy man, a gamer and... funny 😊

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  • unbeliveable work bro

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  • Can we all take some time to respect this dude for all the hard work he has put into this I mean how the **** did he manage to make that beacon Jesus Christ he really is a hardcore gamer lol

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  • just why?

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  • Wisp 2020 (in Minecraft) : I love winning games in Fortnite.”

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  • Cave Update looks great

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  • actually you just need far less netherite blocks bcz u can just make the surrounding structure of the beacon out of netherite and leave the inner structure empty and the beacon still works

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  • Friend:Where is all my netherite? WadZee:Idk

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  • I'm Just thinking... Can you do this using a Wither for the explotions?

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  • should've showed your world stats

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  • After I get 1 shulker box of netherite: "So should I make 20,000 netherite hoes or 20,000 pickaxes?" 20,000 netherite hoes later

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  • Believe or not this took me 10 hours to make lol

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  • me: gets happy for coming out of the nether with 13 ancient debris Him: at 8:57

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  • I’ve got a full shoulder box of netherite blocks on my friends true survival realm

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  • You only needed PE, one piece of ancient debris and a beacon

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  • I give you a tip for saving sand use a fortune shovel and break it and it should drop more so keep placing and getting more

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  • Now make a mega pyramid or are you too scared too.

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  • In reality it should’ve only took you 2 months or so

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  • Plot Twist: He died several times and had to rebuild his entire minecraft world to continue mining, it took him much more that 200 hours

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  • Imagine accidentally dropping a shulker box of the netherite into lava

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    • That would be the end of minecraft for the respected player for a lot time to come since he is going to rage hit or destroy his/her pc

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  • Yeah, u know. I kinda did a bit of mining off camera, yknow?

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  • Why not use exploding beds!? I see no discussion of this anywhere in the comments.

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    • @Erik Engebretson Thank you. I was wondering why there were no flames in his mines.

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    • Exploding beds create fire everywhere so it would be tedious to put out the fire after every explosion and you would probably miss some netherite. Also tnt can chain react and he had the creeper farm already

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