LUCKY vs UNLUCKY Girl | True Siblings Struggles and Funny Relatable Moments by La La Life Family

28 აპრ 2021-ში
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It’s unfair!😜 You always lose while your sister always wins!👩‍🦰 The LUCKY girl gets everything she wants and even more, but her 👩‍💼unlucky sister’s having a hard time. 👯‍♀️Problems and fails follow her at home, in school, while having lunch… just everywhere! Watch our new relatable episode and try not to laugh!😆
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00:00 Lucky vs Unlucky Morning
00:24 Rich vs Broke Girl
01:22 Math fail
02:18 Burger trick
02:37 Laundry
03:26 Prize
03:57 Delivery
04:43 Pizza
05:09 Makeup
05:28 Surprize
05:54 Elevator
06:26 Angry Teacher
07:15 Yearbook
07:41 Final Test
08:53 Broken screen
09:19 Lottery Ticket
10:08 Finally Won!
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