My Sister is a Robot | True Sister Struggles | Relatable Family Musical by La La Life

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If your sister annoys you all day long, you might think about having a beautiful robot twin instead👸A robot sister can help you out with the chores, she’s always kind and supportive and she does whatever you ask😉 Sounds like a perfect sister, huh? But here come sibling struggles! Watch our new relatable episode and share it with your friends!
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00:00 Sister’s prank
00:54 Delivery
01:52 Robo dance
02:45 Grandma
03:53 Robot’s help
05:10 Cleaning
05:53 Having fun with the robosister
06:22 Pillow fight
06:56 Scared grandma
07:44 Boys vs Girls
08:43 Makeover
10:03 Annoying robosister
10:27 It’s gonna be a long night
11:09 Charging
11:31 Working out
11:55 Real sister’s back
12:27 Granny Vs Robot
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    • would you like to have a robot sister or a robot brother?

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  • I think having a robot sister is like a weird but today’s my birthday and we’re going to the fun Place with those bumper cars and lots of cool stuff we can play obstacle courses and obstacle courses on the bottom have like bottle pet so if you for your fall on Bolles

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