Parkour - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 22

3 აპრ 2021-ში
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Nothing bad ever happens in a friendly parkour competition, right?
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  • Don't watch this reaction/director's commentary it's no good:

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    • Error

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    • Well why didn’t you say in the first half?

      ToHToH4 დღის წინ
    • Eh here is a thing I thought some one was going to have creative mode no no no the king has a command block

      Arlene BacusArlene Bacus7 დღის წინ
    • I'm waiting next episode 13

      Aejay NadelaAejay Nadela9 დღის წინ
    • Sr Alan Becker você é dimais

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  • ok i got an idea for the next episode continue the parkour thing the others get green and "Ruben the pig" but there's a twist... the gold stick man gets the creative block "Minecraft" and red defeats him you want to know how? red has a flash back of when he gets defeated "Ep 0" AKA "animation vs Minecraft" (i know this is a lot to read but its an idea) but instead for a big stick figure its an army of piglin brutes and since the command block is thrown off yellow (who know how to use it and uses it) runs into gold 'the stick figure' and gold try's to attacking yellow but yellow runs away successfully and uses the command block to block of gold and its a few seconds before the command is complete and saves the rest... To Be Continued

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  • Ex-Arm left the universe

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  • How do You made a stickman?

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  • They still have diamond armour please make them upgrade it to netherite

  • Make the part 3 please

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  • Big fan bro

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  • omg

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  • Hebat

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  • Naranjas yo lo amo❤

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  • Ep 23

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  • There are 3 ways I think this can end: 1: Second Coming uses his powers from ava V to fight orange. 2: The Chosen One shows up to fight orange. Or 3: Both.

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  • animation vs minecraft Ep 23

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  • Please upload the next episode.

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    • why can’t the Second Coming just break the melons or beds so that the piglin can’t proceed to capture him

      minij hooiminij hooi2 საათის წინ
  • Sorry I'm on my dad's phone but that's so sad with the pig and green guy they both put their head on the wall trapped up

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  • Como desearía que ya me mande la notificación pero ya son geniales tus videos eres grande

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  • Who was that big orange guy

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  • Didn't expected to hear music from these. That's something new

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  • Looking at the score It seems like they all finished it under the same time unless they made it like that.

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  • Beautiful 🥺.

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  • James aka odd1sout hey James here I help you with these well my freind DJ does

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  • I hate how purple was forgiven but somehow betrayed them.

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  • Qwedd cbbcvvv dfiiuuh👄🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷👱🏻‍♀️🧑🏾

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  • This is better than any film I've ever watched!

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  • And then the other one day that we have a little time for

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  • can u do a stickman voice reveal 😏

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  • Red and orange: let’s not break reality, 15:45

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  • *why can’t the Second Coming just break the melons or beds so that the piglin can’t proceed to capture him*

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    • The piglin is quite smart and will find ways around simple things like that.

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  • Wither storm vs stikman alan becker y netherite for 1.16

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  • When is the next episode

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  • pls minecraft 1.17 snapshot 21w14a

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  • Wow i wish the ceiling climb is a mod

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  • 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

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  • Sad Ending

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  • I am proud of you alan

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  • 11:25 SPIDERMAN

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  • Happiness for the 15 millones Alan backer

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  • Wow Alan how did you do this animation

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  • i like the blue one i like blue color

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  • Joou

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  • Wow

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  • second part please 👏👏👏

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  • Hey alan at your first video what happened to the trampoline?

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  • Wow 👏😎👏😎👏😎👏😎👍😎

  • Stick man Vs roblox

  • plis nhererit in Episode pliiis

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  • Today everyone is Drem

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  • Holy the plot is getting better and better! Keep them coming we all want to know what happens next!

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  • I just wanna say one word: AWESOME

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  • Empezare diciendo: Amo esto Aunque no se que dicen en ingles

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  • When I watched this, I was almost at tears.

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  • Why can I only give these videos a single like? Why is GEworld so cruel!?

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  • can you make something the make them talk

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    • They are supposed to not talk and use body language.

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  • The animation was really good keep up the good work Alan Becker

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  • He's just 2 million subs and be 15 million Anyways congrats for 15 million subs

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  • I just got a ad from a game called red and blue stickman that seems to have stolen your animation, just thought I’d let you know

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  • Green is so great and atrong and very good

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  • This was amazing I know it takes a long time to make and post but please need more

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  • Make the episodes longer

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    • Well that means more waiting

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  • to be continued this episode

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  • Yey 15 Million SUBCRIBE congratulations for Alan Becker

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  • voçe pode fazer do minecraft dungeons vs stickmans

  • noooo

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  • alan sube videos

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  • Ayo why am i crying about 5 stick figures being trapped by a minecraft modder-

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  • of course the green man figured it out first.

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  • Cool!

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  • Bang coba lanjur Tkan alan beckr sison 2

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  • I can't get enough of these shorts. On the surface, just cute fun, yet there's a persisting story, incredibly well-crafted music.. so dang good. The staff plus the constant flashing of commands is SUPER well done.

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    • :D

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    • oh verified yt first reply NVM

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    • Hi

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  • Hello my NAME IS ALAN TOO or ALAN ORTIZ 😎 not lying

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  • Animation: 100 Soundtrack: 100 Plot: 100

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  • Love you bro 😘

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  • i love your video

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  • Si en inglés

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  • Alan becker porfassssssss you can put in the animation series va minecraft the feature of green and blue half and half porfas on May 1 birthday my brother and wanted to give him a gift

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  • Purple is sus! - Bianca Parel or Bianca

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  • why does Purple always have to be such a weenis face 😕

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  • Alane Becker who is your sticman best blue,grenn,orange,yellow or red

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  • Wait... doesn’t Alan have a Minecraft server?? What if he makes 4 tournaments and all four are different challenges, and 2 winners will help TSC and their friends. And the other 2 will help purple’s master

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  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭