Smosh Summer Games 2017! Vidcon Fan Reaction

24 ივნ 2017-ში
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Vidcon Fan Reaction to Smosh Summer Games Goes to the Wild West

  • Did anyone else notice Keith RUDELY looking at his phone during the trailer?

    LPS Art LightsLPS Art Lights8 თვის წინ
  • IF ANYONES HERE IN 2019, did anyone film the apocalypse trailer reaction?? makes me rlly happy seeing all the fans hyping it up

    abbie newmanabbie newmanწლის წინ
    • Abbie I’m trying to find it too

      stan loonastan loonaწლის წინ
  • As a broke kid, it's nice to see a live pov since vidcon doesn't exist in Texas.

    Livi AnimatesLivi Animatesწლის წინ
  • 3:07 "*Answer Your Dumb Questions*"

    DevZenDevZenწლის წინ
  • Lol

    K VK Vწლის წინ
  • I still watch this 😆

    Spilling The TeaSpilling The Tea2 წლის წინ
  • I wish they'd done smosh summer games 2018 :(

    Della JohnstonDella Johnston2 წლის წინ
    • @Extremist Garchomp yeah but I feel like alot less effort was put into it this time but I still enjoyed it

      Foster FarmFoster Farm2 წლის წინ
    • Adele Johnston Well you’re in luck my friend.

      Extremist GarchompExtremist Garchomp2 წლის წინ
    • Well it's here(almost) the trailer got released its starting the 20th of this month

      Ethan SookhooEthan Sookhoo2 წლის წინ
    • @Adele Levy ssg it's already filmed so we will definitely get them but idk when

      zz2 წლის წინ
    • It's late summer and I'm seeing no summer games 2018

      Adele LevyAdele Levy2 წლის წინ
  • Holy fuck

    is Bryan flying or dyingis Bryan flying or dying2 წლის წინ
  • They really like Matt, Sunny and Joe apparently

    JaneJane2 წლის წინ
    • They didn’t know it was Summer Games until that moment.

      ArkatoxArkatoxწლის წინ
    • Ghost who wouldn’t?

      mechadoggymechadoggy2 წლის წინ
  • This is so cute

    JaneJane2 წლის წინ
  • I like how the biggest applause was for the SheRefs

    Brittany BroquadioBrittany Broquadio2 წლის წინ
    • I think it’s because that moment confirmed for everyone that it was Summer Games, because it wasn’t actually stated at any point before that.

      ArkatoxArkatoxწლის წინ
    • Lol ikr

      ChuckoChucko2 წლის წინ
    • Same, I was looking for this comment

  • Why does the glass bottle sound like a iPhone notification

    Yourtacoguy_ 57Yourtacoguy_ 573 წლის წინ
  • The funniest thing was Wes was sneakily in the balcony while this was being played, and laughing his butt off 😂

    WasgattalexWasgattalex3 წლის წინ
    • Wasgattalex I missed that what was the time

      K VK Vწლის წინ
  • this summer games is going to bad@$$ and awesome

    Yourtacoguy_ 57Yourtacoguy_ 573 წლის წინ
  • who's the new so teams could be even??

    Carlos Luna Pizarro GuerraCarlos Luna Pizarro Guerra3 წლის წინ
    • Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra Damien

      Anna BananaAnna Banana2 წლის წინ
  • Smosh Summer Games!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!33333 Smosh Summer Games 2017 Starts today boiiiii!!!!!

    Juisyie JazzyJuisyie Jazzy3 წლის წინ
  • the only thing i hated about this video was that every time someone's name poped up they all yelled

    Dennice ProctorDennice Proctor3 წლის წინ
    • Castle of Fiction Heck, Boze seemed almost tied with Lasercorn for loudest cheer.

      Extremist GarchompExtremist Garchomp2 წლის წინ
    • I loved how even back then, Boze got a decent cheer. Her and Damien were never 100% hated by Smosh fans

      Castle of FictionCastle of Fiction2 წლის წინ
    • Jari and Tori P but they didn't yell for flitz XD

      Yourtacoguy_ 57Yourtacoguy_ 572 წლის წინ
    • I liked that it showed who's the most popular in Smosh

      Atomiic CoastersAtomiic Coasters3 წლის წინ
    • Jari and Tori P oddly that was one of the things I liked about the video it shows support when they cheer kinda got me hype

      Gearedup Tiger65Gearedup Tiger653 წლის წინ
  • I forgot anthony left smosh

    Tek BenTek Ben3 წლის წინ
    • HE LEFT SMOSH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      Excited DoggoExcited Doggoწლის წინ
  • Lasercorn was the best.

    William RomeroWilliam Romero3 წლის წინ
  • I had no idea this was for Summer Games until he said that in at the end making that line even more epic.

    Metrophidon9292Metrophidon92923 წლის წინ
  • the votes are in Keith is the most popular, you are welcomed

    Thomas CharltonThomas Charlton3 წლის წინ
  • I remember this, that was so fun seeing it for the first time

    Emmy SinclairEmmy Sinclair3 წლის წინ
  • should have the Anthony Trophy at the end of the games

    Joshua WeightJoshua Weight3 წლის წინ
  • its show time

    George ShermanGeorge Sherman3 წლის წინ
  • I owned my diet

    GabooratGaboorat3 წლის წინ
  • Its just not the same without Anthony 😭

    The Royal FlashThe Royal Flash3 წლის წინ
    • The Royal Flash go to his channel I dare it’s so boring I almost fell asleep

      mikaylah, stopmikaylah, stop2 წლის წინ
    • hes not dead

      Enzo AcabEnzo Acab2 წლის წინ
    • get over it. its not like Anthony is not friends with them anymore.

      RenzperiRenzperi3 წლის წინ
    • But it is almost exactly the same... Actually I take that back, the content is actually funnier with him gone

      SimonSimon3 წლის წინ
  • yasss iam so excited for summer games

    Rouaa OsamaRouaa Osama3 წლის წინ
  • Summer games will be godly

    TraketTraket3 წლის წინ
  • wow more fangirls than fanboys

    Ace ReaperAce Reaper3 წლის წინ
    • Makes sense as there are more male cast members

      mechadoggymechadoggyწლის წინ
    • LtGhost 2099 so true'

      Ablaze DemonAblaze Demon3 წლის წინ
  • aww I miss Anthony so much but I'm still looking forward to summer games this year!

    zynbwzynbw3 წლის წინ
    • I was hoping he would walk in at the end of the video

      AnonymousAnonymous3 წლის წინ
    • zynbw there are more likes on this comment than this dude has subscribers

      WhoWho3 წლის წინ
    • Hopefully guest host?

      Jeremy GeeJeremy Gee3 წლის წინ
    • actually ur wrong he is not apart of smosh he is doing his own thing

      Heilys VlogsHeilys Vlogs3 წლის წინ
    • No wait nvm

      Thayer YangThayer Yang3 წლის წინ
  • Why did I barely see this one before the real vid came up

    Nayops 19Nayops 193 წლის წინ
  • Yasssss Damian

    Ruth GibbonsRuth Gibbons3 წლის წინ
    • Ruth Gibbons its Damien

      JessNovaJessNova2 წლის წინ
  • I can't wait fot the summer games😝😝

    Raven PurpleRaven Purple3 წლის წინ
    • Raven Purple no need bro it came out

      Kid wowKid wow3 წლის წინ