SPILLING THE TEA | Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse Ep. 2

25 ივლ 2019-ში
1 794 933 ნახვები

We’re spilling some nuclear tea today on Smosh Family Feud! Mushroom Clout and ToxiciTEA will have to be BRUTALLY honest about their teammates in order to win this competition. Mayhem is coming September 13, pre-order Borderlands 3 at: smo.sh/borderlands
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  • We stan Joen

    Courtney MillerCourtney Millerწლის წინ
    • Mari got revengr 😀

      Kitija JerfaneKitija Jerfaneთვის წინ
    • I stan LaerCon, Joen, and Sohiki

      NiX OmegaNiX Omegaთვის წინ
    • kourtney keith+courtney

      Vaea HigginsVaea Higgins3 თვის წინ
    • 11,000th like

      fif2791fif27914 თვის წინ
    • juulybean she confirmed it was Shartney in the video

      SmokDaWed VhggSmokDaWed Vhgg4 თვის წინ

    SMOSH BOISMOSH BOI20 საათის წინ
  • ian:anthony the editor:every on must know

    Rilynn foxRilynn fox10 დღის წინ
  • I just realized how tall Wes is. He's a tall boy

    Darbyw ReganDarbyw Regan11 დღის წინ
  • why did olivias slap affect kimmy like a baby’s slap😭

    beatricebeatrice16 დღის წინ
  • Who here in 2020 in the actual apocalypse

    Austin HooverAustin Hoover18 დღის წინ
  • I love how smosh wants Shartney to happen

    Justin QuanJustin Quan23 დღის წინ
  • 16:13 nooooooo

    playmobilfils stop motion y mas!!!!playmobilfils stop motion y mas!!!!28 დღის წინ
  • Wes: “Joven doesn’t read books EVER” .... Shayne: “hE ReAdS CoMic BoOkS!” 😂😭

    Ice SkaterIce Skater29 დღის წინ
  • 16:13 nooo Ian 🥺

    Paul AndersonPaul Andersonთვის წინ
  • Courtney is a riot 😂

    Elena SingerElena Singerთვის წინ
  • I’ve never seen anything by Wes, but he’s definitely funnier than Olivia.

    Raul AbarcaRaul Abarcaთვის წინ
  • i think having joven on your team is cheating, because everyone is going to vote for him.

    Nick DavidNick Davidთვის წინ
  • can i just say it was the cutest thing that Wes apologized in advance for having to hit Keith

    Welcome to the A F T E R L I F EWelcome to the A F T E R L I F Eთვის წინ
  • My heart when Ian wrote Anthony for who hates Ian the most.

    De'Aundra EllisDe'Aundra Ellisთვის წინ
  • Who is too into themselves? I actually shouted SHAYNE

    M0ND4YM0ND4Yთვის წინ
  • *claps in heatstroke*

    Isobel DentonIsobel Dentonთვის წინ
  • Anyone else think Damimen genuinely looks really cool in his outfit and makeup, like my boy is thriving

    Eepers JeepersEepers Jeepersთვის წინ
  • The fact that EVERYONE chose to eat joven should be kinda alarming for him The fact that everyone voted for lasercorn right after it should be a wake up call The fact that everyone voted for Wes right after THAT should be (insert joke here, unless you're wes)

    Minecraft_is_the_bestMinecraft_is_the_bestთვის წინ
  • 20:26 don't mind this comment, I just need to find this part quicker

    Franny worldxoFranny worldxo2 თვის წინ
  • Hahhahaha when Ian wrote Anthony I lost my shit hahah

    Roberto IbarraRoberto Ibarra2 თვის წინ
  • Mooshroom clout is cheating

    MMEMME2 თვის წინ
  • Joven: (Misspells his own name) *Wes, Kimmy and Courtney have left the chat*

    Jane UremovichJane Uremovich2 თვის წინ
  • Laser corn was in game shakers and now he’s in Smosh that’s cool laser corn if you can hear me in the comments I loved you in game Shakers you’re my favourite character

    Gucciby LGucciby L2 თვის წინ
  • 16:12 I actually fuckn choked

    Rainbow Goat Of DeathRainbow Goat Of Death2 თვის წინ
  • Ian was too busy making Smosh so he was the latest to Smash

    Ivy LillianburgIvy Lillianburg2 თვის წინ
  • They won using Shartney?!

    Juan Paolo MarundanJuan Paolo Marundan2 თვის წინ
  • Holy shit. Shayne and Ian’s screams combined is a fucking inspirational masterpiece.

    ORO -ORO -2 თვის წინ
  • If you play or like cod mobile Smosh summer games is like the seasons of cod mobile.

    itz cookieitz cookie2 თვის წინ
  • “Who hates Ian the most” Ian: Anthony DAMNN

    ShmolKidShmolKid2 თვის წინ
  • I feel like Ian's answers matter the most hahaha

    chaunskiezchaunskiez2 თვის წინ
  • 9:58 Mari: My heart’s besting, please don’t shoot us Wes: Oh my god, no!! 🥺🥺🥺 im a lil sad aight

    Kweeny KweenKweeny Kween2 თვის წინ
  • Ian corn

    anime fananime fan2 თვის წინ
  • Noah: I put this person's name down so you, tje viewer will follow them, Ki-*merical*

    SunsetBurst 8605SunsetBurst 86052 თვის წინ
  • "Think like me, not like you"

    Max FinleyMax Finley2 თვის წინ
  • The Apocalypse Games have 100% the most modifications made to the tee-shirts. We’ve had plenty of it in the past but not to this extent.

    Spiral ChainSpiral Chain2 თვის წინ
  • Even in the apocalypse, Sarah still manages to dress like a child.

    Spiral ChainSpiral Chain2 თვის წინ
  • when Ian showed Anthony I LOST IT

    anna guinatoanna guinato2 თვის წინ
  • the ian and anthony was too strong for everyone to admit

    Obito UchihaObito Uchiha2 თვის წინ
  • bro they said it themselves......

    Obito UchihaObito Uchiha2 თვის წინ
  • 21:24 Is my favorite part.

    thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplaysthatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays2 თვის წინ
  • And in the future, it turns out Wes was the least funny AND the worst human!

    distantignitiondistantignition2 თვის წინ
    • @distantignition 1.- Sources? 2.- Wasn't he freelancer?

      George Doty-WilliamsGeorge Doty-Williams2 თვის წინ
    • @George Doty-Williams He sexually assaulted someone and lost his job.

      distantignitiondistantignition2 თვის წინ
    • Excuse me?

      George Doty-WilliamsGeorge Doty-Williams2 თვის წინ
  • Shayne and courtney have to be secretly dating bc they are the perfect couple. Like both of them have a hard time finding the right person and in all those movies it’s always the person that’s been around them this whole time and they never realized

    L dogL dog2 თვის წინ
  • ALOT OF S E X U A L T E N S I O N between Cour... Oops, sorry i mean Ian and LaserCorn obviously

    Bento GonçalvesBento Gonçalves3 თვის წინ
  • little did any of us know what would happen the summer after this

    RileyRiley3 თვის წინ
  • Shayne: So you guys wanna eat Joven? Me: *fucking spits out my water*

    Chat NoirChat Noir3 თვის წინ
  • Joven's "I pay attention and listen" strategy actually works lol

    neb519neb5193 თვის წინ
  • I really like Shayne, not only because he es super funny, and gives us a lot of content, but also because he will always talk about Anthony. Even though he left, he’s a nice guy and we miss him... :(

    Roberto LunnRoberto Lunn3 თვის წინ
  • Ashame there wont be smosh summer games this year

    not someone taking over the world defnautly notnot someone taking over the world defnautly not3 თვის წინ
  • This is fitting rn...

    noodle natalienoodle natalie3 თვის წინ
  • Kimmy’s acting was 👌

    sofiauptownfunksofiauptownfunk3 თვის წინ
  • I love how Sarah referenced the NoahxKeith ship

    sofiauptownfunksofiauptownfunk3 თვის წინ
  • everyone putting Shane and Courtney for the couples question made me so happy

    todorokataratodorokatara3 თვის წინ
  • Why wasn't apocalypse in the summer of 2020 it would make more sense with 2020but I have an idea for another summer games theme space one team an alien team another an astronaut team

    Inés ManuelInés Manuel3 თვის წინ

    IceMinionIceMinion3 თვის წინ
  • The setting sun reveals the questions were asked in a different order (and some of the dialogue) but they had fun and the edits are good.

    Adam McKercherAdam McKercher3 თვის წინ
  • Ian and Anthony

    Your mom GamingYour mom Gaming3 თვის წინ
  • Ian wrote Anthony LMAOOO

    Your mom GamingYour mom Gaming3 თვის წინ
  • Keith LMAOOO

    Your mom GamingYour mom Gaming3 თვის წინ
  • I live for douchebag Damien

    Alana CJ HannAlana CJ Hann3 თვის წინ
  • Kimmy is so sweet I love her

    Fleetwood Mac n cheeseFleetwood Mac n cheese3 თვის წინ
  • Mind meld *nyaaaaaaaahhhhhhh*

    Fleetwood Mac n cheeseFleetwood Mac n cheese3 თვის წინ
  • Wes: i gotta go with the old school couple IanCorn for life Shayne: *ArE yOu SuRe AboUt ThAt?*

    Bryan MorandarteBryan Morandarte3 თვის წინ
  • I feel like shayne said ianthony just to escape the shourtney awkwardness

    Marin HrabrićMarin Hrabrić3 თვის წინ
  • @16:15 self burn is off the roof.

    Ahmad Aidil AkbarAhmad Aidil Akbar3 თვის წინ
  • Olivia is definitely the least funny.

    Brandon MeesBrandon Mees3 თვის წინ
  • who heard keith laugh in this video and thought "what if keith was goofy's new voice actor in kingdom hearts 4?"

    Tamino StamTamino Stam3 თვის წინ
  • Olivia gets soo offended....

    Cxsmic EditsCxsmic Edits4 თვის წინ
  • Alternate universe ship: Shayne & Olivia I know she's dating Sam, but I think Sholivia is a vibe.

    spaghettiosaregreatspaghettiosaregreat4 თვის წინ
    • Yo, me too

      George Doty-WilliamsGeorge Doty-Williams2 თვის წინ
  • My heart cracked in two when I saw Ian hold up "Anthony" for who dislikes Ian the most.... NOOOO. Anthony and Ian forever

    jazminestryderjazminestryder4 თვის წინ
  • This is my favorite episode of all summer games

    Sire QuagsireSire Quagsire4 თვის წინ
  • Who is here Ian ' how's Antony' snip

    tct tcttct tct4 თვის წინ
  • Shayne The Virgin

    Jesse mo us vvJesse mo us vv4 თვის წინ
  • Ian putting up Anthony and Wes losing it was my favorite moment.

    Mitch GibsonMitch Gibson4 თვის წინ
  • i like ur videos :)

    Cesar OrtizCesar Ortiz4 თვის წინ
  • we love a good joen

    femmel acafemmel aca4 თვის წინ
  • Wait wait wait wait wait... Can we get a Wes rap?

    Just CloverJust Clover4 თვის წინ
  • You guys looked like you had so much fun with this and that's the tea sis'

    Isabela O'NeillIsabela O'Neill4 თვის წინ
  • 23:22 Wes has an IQ of 156. He was also in the 99th percentile for the SATs in school meaning he got a score better than 99% of the people who took it. What do you mean he's the least book smart?

    Gbomb31Gbomb314 თვის წინ
  • 10:31 "he gives the best hugs" - Noah about Wes.

    Nikkita DrakeNikkita Drake4 თვის წინ
  • 29:21 Best Part: This Made Me Tear Inside.

    Slick-O-NickSlick-O-Nick4 თვის წინ
  • 29:17 The Single Best Answer & It Only Came From Shayne?!

    Slick-O-NickSlick-O-Nick4 თვის წინ
  • even smosh dad agrees with shartney

    dara bergerdara berger5 თვის წინ
  • Is it just me or did that intro give rlly big ‘you will die tonight’ vibes. I fell like that voice is one of the last things you might hear in your life time 😂

    Grace BakerGrace Baker5 თვის წინ
  • Idk why, but this is my favorite video on Smosh. It’s not like I’m weirdly into this video I just haven’t thought hard into why I like it a lot.

    Steven YorkSteven York5 თვის წინ
  • Kimmy now has 72K Insta followers. Awesome job guys!!!

    Tigers Fan All DayTigers Fan All Day5 თვის წინ
  • 16:13 poor Ian :( Luv ya -suppport-

    Grahm Boi•3•Grahm Boi•3•5 თვის წინ
  • Can I say that Noah, whether it was an accident or not, said, "Keith and I have spent a lot of time together, and NONE OF IT WASN'T DATING." Which means all of it was dating. Enjoy this information Koah shippers

    Madeline HoultonMadeline Houlton5 თვის წინ
  • when Ian wrote Anthony 😥

    Ava LeonesAva Leones5 თვის წინ
  • iancorn for life

    wicked swagwicked swag5 თვის წინ
  • What do you mean? Wes is hilarious!❤️❤️❤️my poor baby

    LilMuffin MayLilMuffin May5 თვის წინ
  • Can we just acknowledge the fact that the shipping part was to answer with who YOU would ship, and Courtney put her and Shayne! Courtney even ships them!

    Michelle SkillMichelle Skill5 თვის წინ
    • If they really are together then they’re doing a great job hiding it here and in other videos.i think Courtney just said it for the game but who knows🤷🏻‍♀️

      Mallory BaioccoMallory Baiocco3 თვის წინ
    • Well I think she mostly put it because many people were probably going to put them and obviously she wanted to win but who knows.

      kabazinga -kabazinga -4 თვის წინ
  • Nobody talking about Ian's voice, and sounded like he was loosing it pretty bad, if I find the time stamp ill put it, but I just felt bad the whole video for Ian, cause it looked like his throat hurt ! 18:35 & 22:58 & 28:55- you can't really hear it completely & 29:38

    Melanie EarlMelanie Earl5 თვის წინ
  • I don’t know why, but I feel like a sunset in the middle of the desert is the most aesthetic thing. Just vibing there, whether you’re alone or with friends. Just thinking about it pleases me.

    JoyBox TricksterJoyBox Trickster5 თვის წინ
  • I was 21 too, Wes, I was thinking I'd be oldest of all, haha thanks!

    ClareonoxClareonox5 თვის წინ
  • I think most ppl loved the tiebreaker the most

    Marin HrabrićMarin Hrabrić5 თვის წინ
  • They should have done this theme for summer games during twenny twenny cause it be perfectly fitted.

    dark wolfdark wolf5 თვის წინ
  • Omg I just got the Yoko Ono joke made by Noah😑

    Andre OrtegaAndre Ortega5 თვის წინ
  • Respect to shane ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Tbilisi UndergroundTbilisi Underground5 თვის წინ
    • Shayne*

      NateDogNateDog5 თვის წინ
  • Lasercorn: she was taking care of those orphans Me: Excuse me, WAS? anyone else notice that? just me? okay.

    Lily EavesLily Eaves5 თვის წინ