Women Get FAT SHAMED By Mean People, What Happens Next WILL SHOCK YOU! | Dhar Mann

28 თებ 2021-ში
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- Mother Fat Shames Her Daughter, Stranger Teaches Her A Lesson: geworld.info/most/video/fbyiq5KJnpJ_Yb0.html
- Judging Others: bit.ly/3nn3Kej


00:00 Mean Girl Fat Shames Stranger
07:21 Saleswoman Fat Shames A Customer
13:37 Skinny Girl Fat Shames A Woman
23:36 Recommended Video To Watch Next

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  • Qakz Kzkzp

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  • You have a girl caylussss

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  • Dhar mann i have a lot of insecurities. Could you help me...?

    Corndog flavored Bubble gumCorndog flavored Bubble gumსაათის წინ
  • I'm fat and I get made fun of at school and I am only 8

    Kassandra ArreguinKassandra Arreguinსაათის წინ
  • K idk if I want to dislike because THE PEOPLE ARE SO DARN MEAN but also I’m gonna like because wow this is a amazing story

    Ava JaussAva Jauss2 საათის წინ
  • 😭 kind of make me cry this is kind of sad about it

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  • I'm crying

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  • I feel bad for all of the big woman out there and she crying I feel bad

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  • The skinny girl is ugly.

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  • A vid in a vid

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  • Whys he say envelope like that

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  • That broke may heart

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  • Holly quin girl gets fired from her job she probably gets poor make a part 2🤘

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  • i think she is pretty

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  • i like dhar mann videos

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  • one day you migth get juged and then you no how they feell

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  • Thank u for makeing me feel nice

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  • 16:37 A HOOMAN LAGGED.

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  • I feel sorry for her

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  • Btw way i love thta she said she didnt have the time to make her make up but she's so pretty so she looks like she's wearing an make up

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  • H-hi i got obsessed on dhar man i got my life change but..my family didnt really loved me ever seens..i keep crying evry night the person who only love me is uncle mom and my sis i mean my bigir sis..😭😭😭

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  • “We are a modeling agency not a freak show”.... god, freak show ?! They are FREAKIN GORGEOUS and if your small brain cannot understand that, then the only freak I see here is YOU...

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  • wow Ashley's mom have a RARE eyes :0 but if not real, umm its ok :>

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  • Chelsea is sooo cute and friendly I honestly would have sat next to her just to have someone to talk with before the speak starts. 😊

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  • The thing is if she can’t fit in the the clothes that’s not judging that’s a fact

    DS_ColbsterDS_Colbster8 საათის წინ
  • Omg that kind of “fat” is soooo Beautiful! And her makeup is amazing!

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  • Never EVER judge somebody by their size

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  • i love ur videos Dhar man

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  • 💴🥳

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    • Sorry blond

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  • I am like the same I am fat and I everyday get bully because of my size

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  • Loui viton girl: I cant sit here next to her Me: I cant belive nobodys hiting u one to left rights

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  • Dhar mann Easteregg

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  • I have to keep reminding myself these are actors and that in real life they're probably really nice.

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  • The alluring kick worryingly chop because mosque conjecturally dust underneath a distinct jute. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, lyrical fly

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  • is not how you look either

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  • don't listen to her

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  • Everybody is pretty no matter what u look like

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  • That just hearts because I get call fat big and it just hurts and my favoit part is when the girl got fired and when they got called fat and that I just hurts and this just makes my heart is happy because this is just the best thing ever dhar mann you are the best and this is great what you do

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  • Forgot to put a chapter on the page:CEOkind of chapter

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  • If your obesed stay happy your heart is perfect your inside is what matters if your happy be your self

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  • Rudest girl ever

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  • Why is it that every little overweight person in these is always named Chelsea?

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  • ha ha ashle winer

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  • Gosh you know it’s good acting when you just wanna pUnCh🤜 them! lol ~ no offence I am just giving credit in my weird way 😂

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  • The one where the girl with black and white gripes in her shirt she is actually so pretty and attractive I bet people would wanna date her. I just wanted to say this because the blonde girl said this if for attractive girls I know it’s a act but just saying.

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  • Dhar man! Dhar man!!!!!!

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  • Do u see molly shut up molly your mean that's why you did not get the jab!!!!!!

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  • Oh my gosh I hate that jerk who cares if you’re fat, black, bi, gay, lez, trans, WE’RE ALL THE SAME

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  • The one where the skinny blond fat shames the girl THAT GIRL IS NOT FAT

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  • mean people dhar? what is this 1st grade? you gatta call then meanith peopleith

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  • The way the manger of the campaign said “thats why in firing you 😁“ LOL

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  • Never judge of someone’s color or look or height or Weight

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  • Can you not judge!

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  • "Can you not talk with food in your mouth!"

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  • The only person I know that gives people 100,00 dollars is mrbeast

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    • she’s actually a famous dancer, her name is amanda lacount and shes super talented!

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  • 12:28 how she roll eues

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  • Ashley looks so pretty why would people criticize her?

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  • This video seriously is my life I am in class 9 and I weigh 78 so,I really get fat shamed but Who cares when BTS,DHAR MANN TAUGHT U TO LOVE YOURSELF and when your family supports you no matter what people say I am very fat and I know that but These people taught me to love myself💜

    Sriyanka BiswasSriyanka Biswasდღის წინ
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  • god gave you this so use it

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  • me and i think you should NEVER NEVER ever even when your having the worst day never judge your size width length ever ok be who you are

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  • the casual sprinkle of self promo

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  • The way they said "And thats why i'm firing you" had me dying. 23:06

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  • hi Bro how are you doing today Bro

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  • What's from the inside

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  • When she said your favorite speaker it said doorman

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  • Bullying is not right and

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  • I don’t understand why she’s saying she needs to eat chocolate when she could eat a sandwich I understand she can’t lose weight but chocolate isn’t filling she’s so dumb

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  • Don’t Judge ANYONE Before You Get To Know Them and don’t judge anyone by their size

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  • Dhar Mann: so you see... Blind man is the corner: no

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  • You don’t have to be beautiful to do everything it’s how nice you are and how you act

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  • i dont care if they cant lose weight all i want to know is are they nice

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  • Everyone just because someone is fat does not mean you have to treat them differently just because your skinny it doesn’t matter if someone is fat and your skinny life is life treat people the way u want to be treated

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  • The girl that was bullied from being fat she’s from America got talent.

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